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German - Polish Technical Translations

Eng. Piotr Prochownik
by NOT recognized
technical translator

Specialist translations in the fields of:

  • Industrial machinery and equipment 
  • Automation and robotics 
  • Automotive industry
  • Steel construction and structural engineering
  • IT General    

German - Polish translations
performed by an experienced engineer

About translator

The translator has many years of experience as a construction manager in the assembly work of various systems in the automotive industry in Germany and in collaboration with German companies. 

You can find out his professional background on the LinkedIn website. 

Professional work

All translations are done personally by the translator. No translations will be given to another translator.

Thorough knowledge of the to be translated subject matter ensures correct translations.

The translator is a polish nativ speaker. 

Machine translations

The translator don't use the automatic text translations e.g. AI technology of artificial intelligence. 

Although this technology is used in translation but in the case of technical translations it is very dubious.

All texts are typed manually and all ambiguities are clarified with the author or client.

Translation tools

For professionally performed translations are used a modern CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) translation tools.
It includes integrated terminology databases and the translation memory. It allows to keep the consistency and accuracy of the terminology.

CAT tools also help preserve the original text formating.

All translations are done personally and make sure the content is correct, using one of the best CAT software - Trados.


Translation prices are set individually and depending on the degree of complexity and refer to the number of words in source text.

The source text should be in the file in an editable format. The non-editable files, e.g. in PDF format, in graphic format or in printout, are accepted for transformation into editable files, e.g. in word format, for an additional fee. 


Mobile:    +48 698 555 670 


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